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At Edventure More, our programs take place year-round. During a time of unprecedented education budget cuts, we partner with 28 school districts and over 300 teachers to continue the work begun in the classroom. Edventure More Events range from hands-on science & technology programs, like science fairs, to our PTA fundraiser booths that leave kids enthralled with science, to our Parent Education Workshops designed to counter Summer Learning Loss.

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Invite us to your Fundraiser, Science Night, School Carnival, Community Events or any event you have! Experienced guest presenters will lead thrilling hands-on science or technology booths at your next event. Choose from catapults, seed suitcases, pop rockets, stomp rockets, slime, giant bubbles, and more!

Events offered January – May, 2015.  Contact us about your event now!

More 2015 Science & Tech Booth Pricing
Booth TypeDescriptionFee
MarketingPassing out of camp materialsNo charge
Hands-on ScienceChoose from a variety of activities$100*
Hands-on TechnologyChoose from your choice of projects$150*

*Note: Flexible pricing available for schools that qualify

More Science Activities

Check out the new and exciting science projects being offered this season!

  • NEW Bubbles: Students learn what it takes to make bubbles while creating colorful bubble “snakes.”
  • NEW Catapults: Students discover simple machines as they learn about the lever while building a puffball-launching catapult.
  • NEW Seed Suitcases: Students explore the concepts of seed dispersal while creating a seed suitcase that will allow them to plant flowers anywhere!

Prefer one of our exciting favorites?

  • Slime: Students learn the difference between a “mixture” and a “chemical reaction” as they mix glue, water and detergent to create a fun and slimy Non- Newtonian fluid!
  • Pop Rockets: Students learn the fundamentals of a chemical reaction when we create a gas by mixing an acid and a base to launch a mini rocket high into the air.
  • Stomp Rockets: 3-2-1-Blast Off!!! Students learn about the forces of “push” and “pull” and simple machines as they launch air propelled rockets.
  • Watershed: What in the world is a watershed? Our ‘Watershed World’ presentation challenges student assumptions about the abundance of water on Earth by examining the water cycle and how water moves around our planet.
  • HoopstersStudents learn about the forces of gravity, lift, thrust, and drag as they create futuristic paper airplanes that glide across the sky!
More Technology Projects

Edventure More is excited to launch our Tech Booths for 2015! These booths are a just a taste of our exciting Maker Studio and Video Gaming programs for Camp Edmo and Camp EdTech.

  • NEW 2D Video Mods: Students will get an introduction into coding and a chance to modify a 2D Video Game using Scratch.
  • NEW Maker Paper Circuits: Using basic items like paper, tape and batteries, students will create their own light up LED cards.
More 2013-14 Events

These are events held during the 2013-14 School Year:

  • Neil Cummins Science Night
  • Sacred Heart Science Fair
  • French American Summer Camp Fair
  • Strawberry Point Science Night
  • Baywood Elementary School Science Fair
  • San Mateo Family Resource Fair
  • Contra Costa Camp Fair
  • California Academy of Sciences Family Night
  • Family Resources Fair – Hillsdale Shopping Mall
  • Happy Valley Elementary Science Fair
  • No TV Family Dinner – De Vargas Elementary
  • Springhill Elementary Science Fair
  • Summer Activities Expo – Hillsdale Shopping Mall
  • Westgate Camp Fair – San Jose
  • Marshall Lane Elementary Science and Math Night
  • Jose Ortega Summer Resources Night
  • Lafayette Elementary Science Fair
  • San Francisco Summer Resource Fair
  • AAUW Oakland Piedmont Branch Summer Camps and Programs Fair
  • Stanford University’s Summer Activities Fair
  • Children’s Activities Fair – The shops at Tanforan
  • Edventure More Camp Fair at Sports Basement!
  • Rainbow Chinese School Spring Festival
  • NetApp Summer Camp Fair
  • Burton Valley Elementary School Science Fair
  • Rancho Romero Science Day
  • Spring Carnival at Harvey Milk Elementary
  • Egg Edventure Hunt at Twin Pines Park, Belmont
  • Woodside Earth Day Festival
  • DFES Art Night
  • Science Night at Lum Elementary
  • Lakeshore Elementary Superhero Saturday
  • Earth Day Celebration in Los Altos Hills
  • Playworks Fun Run
  • Miraloma Elementary Spring Festival
  • Creativity Day at Children’s Creativity Museum
  • Claire Lilienthal’s May Fair
  • Hands on the Arts Festival in Sunnyvale
  • Miraloma Elementary Spring Festival
  • De Vargas Open House
  • Science Olympiad at Roosevelt Elementary, Burlingame
  • Festival in the Park at Hellyer County Park, San Jose

We partner with your school to help raise dollars for your organization. We offer:

  • Auction Partnership Programs: Edventure More can donate FREE and discounted Camp Edmo & Camp EdTech weeks to school auction events. We will come present our donation at a PTA meeting and include camp discounts for all those attending.

  • Parent Teacher Association (PTA) Fundraisers: Invite us to set up a hands-on science or art booth or workshop at your school event.  All participation proceeds go to the school or PTA. From Stomp Rockets to Alien Masks; this is sure to be a hit with kids and a win for your school.

Invite an enthusiastic, knowledgeable Edventure More presenter to host a hands-on science assembly at your school and watch students’ curiosity grow! Each assembly includes fascinating visual aids, awe-inspiring demonstrations and engaging, individualized hands-on science activities.  We tailor each assembly to your school’s student body size and needs.

Please call to hear more about our assembly themes!

  • One assembly: $380
  • Two assemblies: $500

You are a CEO of a STEM-based corporation. You are a concerned PTA parent. You are a mobilizer in the Educational Reform movement. You are paving the way in our children’s futures, and we stand with you. Book us to present at your next education panel and we will leave your colleagues curious, engaged and connected.

Also ask about our Summer Enrichment Workshop for parents ready to counter Summer Learning Loss in their communities. Includes individualized tools to plan for a powerful summer.

Do you want to encourage curiosity in your scouts? Want to help kids “think outside the box”? Let Edventure More bring a fun-filled, hands-on science activity to your scout meeting to spark your scouts’ science wonder.

We partner with local scouting  troops and tailor hands-on workshops that help kids earn their badges. We have badges available for cub scouts, boy scouts, brownies, and junior girl scouts.

Check back to see where Edventure More will be in your community in 2015!

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