After School Programs

Each unique hands-on science or technology program:

  • Offered for 5-weeks or 10-weeks
  • All programs are fully customizable for your school’s needs
  • Led by an enthusiastic presenter
  • Designed in partnership with Bay Area museums
  • Correlates with CA State Standards
  • Cultivates 21st century life skills
  • Designed  to inspire curiosity, confidence & kindness


Choose from the themed, kid-friendly science programs below that are customizable to your school calendar. A fantastic science instructor will transform any classroom, conference room, or multi-purpose room into an interactive science lab where children expand their knowledge of CA State Standardized science concepts. We bring the materials, do the prep, lead the project & clean up afterwards, all with a smile.

Program Maximum and Minimums: Science: 10 min/20 max

How to Reserve: In the right hand navigation bar go to For Educators–>After School Programs–>Reserve Now OR call 415.282.MORE (6673).


Our After School Programs are reserved by your school and hosted on your school campus in a designated classroom. You can read descriptions of currently offered themes below. Please note that the number of weeks per program are approximations and often vary depending on your school calendar.

How to Register: In the right hand navigation bar go to For Educators–>After School Programs–>Register Now OR call 415.282.MORE (6673).

*If you would like your school to host our After School Programs please contact our School Year Programs Manager at 415.282.MORE (6673) or We can contact your After School Coordinator and reserve an After School Program for your school.

More 2014 After School Science Programs

Water Wonders ( ≈ 10 weeks)

What’s up with water? Find out in this After School Program as we uncover the reasons why water is the most important resource in the universe. Journey through the water cycle, make wacky weather appear in a bottle, create wondrous water art, and learn to test the quality of the water in your home!

Anatomy Academy ( ≈ 10 weeks)

All kids are welcome in Edventure More’s Anatomy Academy! Discover the power of the human body and how to keep it healthy and strong. Make anatomical models, extract DNA, and put your muscles to the test with fun active games!

Dream Machines ( ≈ 10 weeks)

Invent merry mechanical machines. Use the principles of engineering and simple machines to build crazy contraptions that play games, solve problems, teach science, and inspire laughter.

Jurassic Journey ( ≈ 10 weeks)

Get ready to blast back to the past for a prehistoric party. Become a dinosaur detective and use real paleontologist skills to understand their size, investigate their extinction, recreate their scaly and feathery forms, and hunt for fossils!


Choose from any themed, kid-friendly technology programs listed below. Each are customizable to your school calendar. A fantastic technology instructor will transform any classroom or computer lab into an interactive state of the art design or film studio where children learn hands-on 21st century life skills. We bring DSLR cameras, video cameras, microphones, tripods & software to your school’s computer lab! The best part is that each student will receive a USB drive to take home all their inspiring work!

Program Maximum and Minimums:

  • Stopmotion Animation: 7 min/15 max students per class
  • Digital Photography: 7 min/10 max students per class

How to Reserve: In the right hand navigation bar go to For Schools–>After School Programs–>Reserve Now OR call 415.282.MORE (6673).


Our After School Programs are reserved by your school and hosted on your school campus in a designated classroom. You can read currently offered program descriptions below. Please note that the number of weeks per program are approximations and often vary depending on your school calendar.

How to Register: In the right hand navigation bar go to For Parents–>After School Programs–>Register Now OR call 415.282.MORE (6673).

*If you would like your school to host our After School Programs please contact our School Year Programs Manager at 415.282.MORE (6673) or We can contact your After School Coordinator and reserve an After School Program for your school.

More After School Technology Programs Spring 2014

Digital Photography ( 5 – 10 weeks)

Participants capture their vision with the eye of a camera! Each student completes a series of digital photography challenges to master the primary functions of an SLR camera and learn the fundamentals of photo editing.  They even design a complete photography exhibit around a central theme, complete with promotional gallery materials, and take home a 2GB flash drive with their exhibit pieces.

Animation ( 5 – 10 weeks)

Students star in their own animation in a process called pixilation, as well as learn how to bring paper and clay to life!  We use your school’s existing computers and our special cameras and software to create short animated movies using the technique of stopmotion. We’ll write scripts, draw storyboards, film scenes, record sound, and edit an amazing final product. Students bring home their finished animation film on a cool wristband USB drive! Featuring activities designed by Edventure More in partnership with the Children’s Creativity Museum.



Edventure More’s After School Programs (ASP’s) typically last 5 to 10 weeks, are hosted on campus one day per week, and are customizable to your school calendar.


Please refer to pricing information provided by your school for exact per week cost and length of program.

Science ProgramTechnology Program
Grades: K-5thGrades: 2nd-8th (2nd graders eligible for Animation only)
Duration: 75 minutes, 1/wk, 5-10wkDuration: 90 minutes, 1/wk, 5-10wk
Sample Science Sessions:
  • Water Wonders
  • Anatomy Academy
  • Dream Machines
  • Jurassic Journey
Sample Technology Sessions:
  • Digital Photography
  • Stopmotion Animation

    *Use of School Computers Required
Price: Approx. $16/wk per studentPrice: Approx. $18/wk per student

Once an After School Program is booked, coordinators will receive a confirmation email.

Please make note:

  • There are minimum and maximum participant levels for each of our programs
  • Student rosters are due before each program begins
  • When booking multiple programs for the same day, we ask for 15 minutes between programs to allow for clean up and set up
  • Program payments due upon receipt of invoice, two weeks prior to the program start date
  • Materials for promoting programs are available
More ASP Policies

Program Maximum and Minimums

  • Science: 10 min/20 max students
  • Stopmotion Animation: 7 min/15 max students
  • Digital Photography & Video Game Design: 7 min/10 max students


We must have a complete roster e-mailed at least 48 hours before the first session. A printed roster must also be provided by the school for the presenter on the first day. Rosters must include student name, parent name, parent phone number, parent e- mail, authorized pick up names, health and emergency information.

Contact Information Usage

Edventure More keeps parent contact information in the strictest confidentiality. We do not share names, e-mail addresses or phone numbers with any outside entities. Communications with parents are solely regarding Edventure More services.

Required Time Before/Between Lessons

Please allow 15 minutes at the end of the school day prior to starting any programs to allow for set up.  We require at least 15 minutes in between programs for take down/set up as well.


  • We ask that the school collect payment from parents directly unless otherwise discussed.  Edventure More does not offer refunds for missed sessions or cancellations once sessions have begun.
  • The first class on a school site is offered at a discounted flat rate of $100. This is an opportunity for students to “test” the program out and decide if they want to enroll for the full 5 or 10‐week program.
  • We will confirm the number of students who attend the first session and e-mail the school an invoice at that time.
  • The first 5‐week program payment is due at the end of the 5th week. If you have enrolled in a 10‐week program, the second half of the payment is due by the end of the 10th week.

Refund Policy

  • Complete refunds less a $20 processing fee are available up until one week prior to your After School Program start date. After that time, refunds will be given but will be issued as a credit that can be applied for future Edventure More After School or Summer Camp Programs.

School Promotion

Edventure More will:

  • Provide posters and printed handouts to be distributed to all students
  • If possible, make a short presentation in a student assembly about the after school programs
  • Promote a “free” trial class to students (paid for by the school at $100)
More After School Parent Survey

We hope your child enjoyed their Edventure More After School Program. Please take a few moments now to complete a short survey about our service.

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Science Projects, Videos, and MORE!

Click the Mo’s Tree House icon and discover Mo’s playful world of science. Explore grade appropriate science activities, fun facts, silly jokes, fascinating trivia and watch incredible hands-on science videos come alive before your very eyes!

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In a Survey of Teachers who have participated in our School Year Programs:

  • 88.4% strongly agree that their Edventure More program was a valuable addition to the curriculum
  • 96.8% thought their students were excited and had fun learning during the In Class Program.
  • 90.5% strongly agree the Edventure More staff exhibited good classroom management
  • 96.8% strongly agree that the Edventure More staff was enthusiastic, upbeat and passionate about the materials
  • 96.8% said they would invite Edventure More back to their classroom
  • 95.8% would recommend an Edventure More program to other teachers!
More See what Teachers said about our School Year Programs

Thank you!!! Mia LOVES this after school class, she always learns something new and she comes home with excitement and new vocabulary!!”
–Mother, Montclair Elementary

What an engaging After School Program for all ages! Our K through 5th graders loved it and we loved the communication between your staff and our parents and administration!
–After School Enrichment Coordinator, Montclair Elementary

Edventure More’s enthusiasm and energy in making all aspects of science fun is commendable. Whether it’s hands-on science for younger grades and exploring the properties of matter, magnets or machines, or a class that jets off to explore Space; Edventure More gets kids inspired by science and keeps each class exciting and new.  I am confident that Edventure More will continue to be a core After School Enrichment partner for many years to come.”
–Enrichment Coordinator, Woodside Elementary

We were delighted with Edventure More’s School Year Programs that we purchased during the 2010-11 school year. Their museum-designed In Class Program (ICP) sessions were both academically challenging and fun — a great fit for our 4th and 5th grade Alameda Students, as well as for academically advanced 2nd grade students. The instructors were not only highly skilled educators, but also were enthusiastic and easily established a rapport with kids at different grade levels. Needless to say, we are hiring Edmo again to deliver their in-depth, multi-session After School Program (ASP) lessons during the 2011-12 school year.”
–Ethan O’Rafferty (Alameda)

Great. Enthusiastic, knowledgeable, and very effective. I had a great time watching and learning.”
–Denman Elementary School Teacher

Blaine was a wonderful presenter. This was a great extension to our Foss air + weather unit. We would love to have Blaine back every year! Thank you!”
–Palo Verde Elementary School Teacher

The presentation was interactive and the students enjoyed making fog and wind. The students would recommend it to others!”
–Coleman Elementary School Teacher

Great work, the kids have a SOLID understanding [of the three states of matter]!”
–Amelia Earhart Elementary School (Larkspur July 5)

Melissa was so sweet. Great classroom management. Concept was awesome. ”
–Edna Maguire Elementary School Teacher

Excellent Science Experience – great use of science vocabulary.”
–Franklin Elementary School Teacher

Jill did an outstanding job teaching the five sense in a fun, motivating and engaging way. All kids learned, had fun and were involved, anxiously anticipating the next activity. Thank you Jill!”
–Neil Cummins Elementary School Teacher

We had a fabulous time today! You classroom management ideas were creative and effective. Thank you for ‘rocking the vibe’ in room 16!”
–Reed Elementary School Teacher

Danny was very engaging! The children loved his presentation and learned a lot from him. The presentation was an excellent supplement to our electricity unit. Very age appropriate.”
–Rooftop Elementary School Teacher

Danny’s energy was wonderful for the kids. It was refreshing to see. He motivated me, as a teacher, to keep up my enthusiasm while I teach.”
–Cabrillo Elementary School Teacher

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